Schnitzel, Heurige, Bier und WM, Bitte!
Stephansplatz, Karlsplatz, Swedenplatz ...

Ich liebe Wien!

It´s been quite easy to go around the city by subway and city train.
We go to Stephanplatz, where a super tall and old, famous charch is sorrounded by many funny street performers, everyday.
Nobody in this city seems to pay for subways and trains. So, we still keep using 72-hour free tickets that we bought 3 days ago.

Most food in this city is very delicious except for the breakfast we eat in our hotel every morning.
We had Schnitzel, which is deep fried thin, broad beef, with bier (beer in German) and Heurige (wine produced this year).

We saw a Hard-Gay on a street in front of the Opera House.
He said to us, "Feeeeeeee!" and "Boku wa hard gay desu".
We see many funny people in this city.

My presentatin has been over already.
I was the only person who was present for the session when I started my presentation.
Another presenter came into the room during my presentation and his presentation followed me.
5 people were supposed to do presentations, but only 2 did.
This conference is so funny.

Tonight, we´re going to watch WM (World Cup) at a bar outside beside the Donau River.
We know there´s a hot and cute waitress there because this is going to be the second time for us to go there.
We´re planning to say something funny to the girl in Japanese.
That would be a lot of fun.

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Wien is a really exciting and excellent city.
Yes, I´ll show a lot of photos after I come back to Japan.
I also took some f*cking funny mivies, hehehehehe.
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